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The new Health provider platform

A novel real-time outcome and communication platform for healthcare providers


Informing patients along their entire healthcare journey and beyond

Personalised patient touchpoints

Clinician curated and personalised for every patient

Time relevant

The right touchpoint at the right time 

Real-time reporting

Detect milestone deviations as they happen

What is the need?

Graph of relative amount of informaton exchanged along a patient journey

Kazaure et al. JAMA Surgery 2012; Gordon et al. Patient Safety in Surgery 2015; 

Abstract Futuristic Background is a first in class, secure, cloud-based, SaaS, Business-to-Business (B2B) omnichannel communication platform with real time reporting specifically for the healthcare sector. uniquely places real time outcome reporting for clinicians at its core.


This is combined with personalised time-relevant patient touchpoints that drive engagement and satisfaction.

The new way to manage your healthcare practice.

A unique fully customisable platform

Designed from the ground up by clinicians and world experts in health outcome. 

Record the patient outcome you need, when you need them.

Not just another medical records system. is the next generation of healthcare analytics and communication.

A new generation of practice management software and electronic medical records.

Cloud based Analytics 

Real-time meaningful clinical analytics using advanced machine-learning.

Data Science Acceleration

Capture meaningful process and outcome metrics.

Versatility in Application

Use alongside existing Electronic Patient Record systems with custom integration.

Omnichannel Patient Communication

Automated reactive and measurable communication platform.

First in class

Omnichannel secure healthcare communication and outcome platform


Unprecedented Actionable Clinical Insights. 

What is a touchpoint?

A touchpoint is every time and any manner a patient interacts with your healthcare organization. Be it- person-to-person, via your website, an app, SMS, questionnaire or any other form of communication.


These types of engagements can occur at any time throughout a patients journey.



Every interaction a patient has with a healthcare service, is an opportunity to strengthen the relationship, record outcome, prevent complications, reduce unnecessary admissions and drive greater clinical engagement. brings these interactions into one platform with real-time analytics to maximize your insights and patients care.

Why communication matters


Annual cost of poor communication in NHS


Patients dissatisfied with communication


Consultations performed in a clinicians lifetime


Malpractice costs due to poor communication


Patients discharged with poor instructions

Designed for



Post-market surveillence


Maximise data capture post discharge or intervention

How using improves data capture

How optimising touchpoints improves outcome allows you to engage with patients in a way previously unimaginable.


Interact with patients at time points set by you. Engage with them at every important milestone after discharge.

Personalise clinically relevant touchpoints for every patient.


Reduce complication rates using proactive multi-modal engagement.


Capture data in real-time curated by your clinicians for your clinicians.

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