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Our Vision

To offer next-generation scalable communication and outcome reporting solutions for healthcare clinics, hospitals and independent practitioners. 

The Problem

Current Healthcare Outcome assessments do not capture clinically actionable insights. 

National registry data usually report >12months after data submission meaning contemporaneous interventions are not possible.

No registry can risk-adjust every salient factor, thus at best give broad views on outcome.

Generic surveys are rarely granular enough to derive clinically actionable insights.

Waiting for 'routine' follow-ups to discover patient complaints misses  windows of opportunity and delays any needed interventions.

After interventions patients need better, personalised, time-relevant information. 

Why not measure what you need, when you know it to be important? Why not inform patients over their entire recovery?

First in class, Secure, omnichannel communication platform.

Designed specifically for healthcare providers.

Uniquely curated to provide real-time outcome feed-back.

Supports appraisals and evidencing outcome.

Re-connects patients after discharge or interventions.

Customizable to any practice or health provider.

Time relevant clinician curated automated patient touchpoints for any speciality or procedure.

Flow diagram of platform ecosystem

The Solution

Abstract Background

See How 

Abstract Futuristic Background comparison with current standard of care
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Ask.  Measure.  Improve.

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